Hbar Technologies, LLC is an advanced technology company with a broad customer base. While the original and core mission of the company is the development of commercial markets for antimatter, over the years a wide portfolio of capabilities in other areas of scientific research and engineering development has evolved. Current areas of competency are:

  • Nuclear Physics
  • Nuclear Power
  • Advanced Propulsion
  • Radioisotopic Batteries
  • Radioisotope Generation
  • Beam Physics
  • Accelerator Technology
  • Particle Sources
  • Accelerator Instrumentation
  • Particle Detectors
  • Robotics
  • Facility Design
  • Consulting

July 2006: Due to the large number of contracts currently awarded to the company, we are proud to announce the physical expansion of Hbar Technologies, LLC and the associated change in our headquarters address. Though we are in the same building, the new combination of office and laboratory space occupies over double the prior square footage. Our new Suite number is 130.